Jane Moss


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I am a writer who lives on the south coast of Cornwall, near Falmouth. I co-host The Writing Retreat with my colleague Kath Morgan, and I offer creative writing workshops and coaching for anyone who wants to flex their writing muscles, from absolute beginners to experienced writers.

I am the author of books and articles on topics such as writing for wellbeing and family history. I’ve published poems and short memoir, and I write copy for marketing, launches and campaigns; anything that needs words to sell, explain or persuade. In 2017 I’m writing a novel which is an unlikely love story, and I have at least two other novels queuing up in the back of my mind, like patient buses. Oh, and I’ve just embarked on doctoral research at the University of Falmouth, No pressure.

As a practitioner of writing for wellbeing I have a special interest in bereavement. I run training for counsellors and volunteers interested in using writing as part of their support to clients; poetry, journals, un-sent letters and a host of other ways to use pen and paper to express thoughts and feelings.

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